Why sex?

Sex is a tradition that has come along way from the very first action taken to reproduce the human race. Sex is considered a ritual rite when individuals from the opposite sex decide to be United as one. It’s a ground of sanctity and spirituality considering the fact that this ritual is performed on an alter of creation; this is how a human is created. Sex deceived the watchers of mankind into taking an oath among themselves to reproduce their kinds on earth with women of pure flesh; and this action caused them their very freedom, their angelic rite and their offsprings of which they came to love. The excitement is far beyond comprehension, it can’t be explained, it’s a beautiful gift that links all mind, body and soul. The sad news is that this unexplained ecstatic exercise has a timeline, it does come to an end, or rather it’s performance gets rusty as one begins to age; it’s called menopause in women, and for inquiry on how to go about having a fun time despite ones menopause I suggest you read his article on Sex and the menopause . As for men between the age of 45 – 70 years of age you can still have fun too if you can follow this steps to increase libido in elderly men judiciously. In conclusion, this is what I’ve been trying to say; Sex isn’t immoral or a sin, it’s only an abomination when you decide to go about it with persons who you have no intention of uniting with via mind, body and soul…


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