School is meant to be the path to success and a responsible life, but it was the beginning of my problems. Towards the end of my secondary education I was feared by my mates, seniors and teachers alike, because it was rumored that I was a bloody killer (by then I had only killed chickens and goats for eating). And I think it all began when some of my seniors where beaten up at a joint where I secretly sold hard drugs and narcotics. They had met me there and wanted to bully me because they were plenty in number and I was the quiet type. That day they found out how well known and respected I was in the under world (The Cave). I was respected at The Cave because I had a reputation of not being caught by Law enforcements for years of being a drug dealer (my story had circulated) and I was involved in their underground fight business (this was how they sourced funds for themselves) as a fighter. I was called Ghost Mode on the streets. But I wasn’t interested in their affairs, I was only there to do business and get out. I had dreaded the kind of person my father was, and I had sworn not to be like him no matter what my condition was. The fearing me was a good reputation because I was free to do whatever I wanted, so I didn’t admit or deny the allegations, and plus I was the reserved type, didn’t want to be disturbed. It was at this period in life that I met Lucy and Dave.
Lucy was an orphan who grew up on the streets of Surulere around Games village in Lagos state, Nigeria. She lived in a temporary MoPol (Mobile Police) tent in the heart of Games village, because her parents who were MoPol’s died in a raid against one of the deadliest armed robbery group of the 80’s in Bendel state, (the now present Edo state in Nigeria). After their death she had no where to go and was taken care of by the Mobile Policemen who camped there. Although temporary, that tent had lasted decades in that part of Lagos state and housed a lot of mobile police men and women. That was the part of Lagos that gunshots were heard without cause. I remembered when I first visited Lucy there, I was asked to undergo a punishment for just looking at a naked female police officer. I didn’t peek at her, she was there in the open, although in the large tent. The tent was a really big one, it housed about 30 bunk spaces and corners for the MoPol’s, and could be used for a game of hide and seek. Anyway when I was asked to frog jump, Lucy was frustrated and told me not to, she stood on her ground and nothing happened to me. It was then I realized how stubborn she could be and decided to name her a best friend.
Dave was the son of a politician, he was our back bone when it came to spending, and although I had money too from my business, I couldn’t match up with his type of spending. Dave was what we call the black sheep of his family. He was arrogant even to us at first till I treated that glitch with some beating. We became best friends when I saved him from being harassed by some area boys (hoodlums) where he lived at Victoria Island who wanted to teach him a lesson, “lesson that I had already taught him? No way that was my job not theirs”. I had broken their leaders leg after a battle they steered up. I love fighting with a crowd because it’s easier to be more flexible than just focusing on one person. They were 5 in number and I had them all to their feet, all of them bleeding, with one of them leaving with a broken leg. Dave was impressed and tagged me his body guard, but we were more of best friends. Dave would later on get to rent us a 5 room apartment in Surulere where the three of us would stay while we schooled in the University of Lagos. We were inseparable…
The Cave was actually located at Surulere where I ran my secondary education and was later inherited by the son of its founder (Baba Alaye) at the age of 11 years when Baba Alaye died. I took Lucy and Dave to the ceremony at The Cave. The Cave was like a village on its own, an underground locality created by the blowing up of rocks (mountain) back in the 40’s when the government hunted rocks, it was later deserted and found by Baba Alaye’s uncle who was a street tout then and wanted to create his own locality in the heart of a now thriving civilization. The hands of power had then changed and nothing was ever going to be the same again…


  1. 😱Am I the only one thinking this story is underrated? He doesn’t want to be like his father but I think he’d be worse than his predecessor. But let’s keep reading on. Nice work ❤

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