Alaye Seun aka the Master grew up in an environment not suitable for kids, The Cave. His father didn’t go to school but found a way for his child to be educated, Home school. Baba Alaye was scared of his past, so he feared for his son Seun’s life and raised him up with an iron hand restricting his movements to only the house. Although raised under a strict dad, the Master had freedom to interact with his father’s workers/loyalists who brainwashed him with ideologies that went against his father’s principles. His father’s thriving business was local wrestling and taxing people like me who brought illicit substances to his locality, (the Cave was the best place to sell these stuffs and had a very tight security) And although the community was like a cult, it had nothing to do with killings because Baba Alaye was a principled man. Baba Alaye had once asked why I do the things I did “my son, you no get papa?, I see say you dey go school, wettin you come dey find again?” At first I told him I was an orphan but then he laughed. Unknown to me he knew my father (the man had a way of showing himself everywhere he went, negatively), plus Baba Alaye had a reputation of knowing everything and everyone in Lagos (I later got to know this), he had a very strong network, and my father was still alive at the time, he didn’t say anything then because I was with friends, but one day when I came to the Cave alone, he called me aside and told me his story and how he strived through life under his uncle who had owned the Locality he owns now. He said “I been no get papa like you wey even get mama join”… I was surprised “but my uncle, him na my papa, I get all this thing because I follow am jeje” in my mind I was like “you don’t know my father”. We discussed at length and he gave me an advice to hold on to my father while he was still alive. So I respected him as a father. This was why I had felt the urge to respect the Master, but he decided to do the unmentionable and converted The Cave into a blood thirsty cult with him being a supreme leader.
Lagos had never witnessed a regime of terror under a boy that young who had the power to control a large number of followers. His father had seen the heart of the men who surrounded him and tried to take power away from them. That’s why he initially named his son his successor, but didn’t know he would die before the boy would grow so he could teach him the right path. The path to understanding leadership and humanity. Baba Alaye died of hypertension, and although it was medically proven I had still smelt foul play and a plot. This man had sponsored the children of most of his so called loyalists to go to school and even had some of this children take home lessons with his son, the Cave was a haven for people who had no parents, shelter and a way to feed themselves, a place where street hustlers came to make a living, but all that soon changed. The Master was killing innocent people, using women for rituals, ending law enforcement officials without fear, and this was the work of his father’s so called loyalists. Although In the few years that followed the death of his father, the Master had been kind, gentle and generous, although ambitious but calculative. When I saw some of this traits and knew people that surrounded him I decided to get close to him to teach him how to survive without a father because I never had one (my father was dead to me even before he died).
The streets of Lagos had a way of changing ones mentality. I had grown up as a kid who knew his father was into a lot of dangerous activities, so it was hard for me to succumb to fear, I had seen deaths, I had grown up in a barrack where unmentionable activities flooded, i once watched a military man killed by cars on an expressway because he felt he was strong enough to cross it. As a military man, my dad had stabbed an area boy (hoodlum) on the chest in our presence when the man wanted to snatch our eldest mothers purse, in Alaka when we visited a family friend at Bode Thomas and were returning home. We see fresh corpse every single day. My father once denied me as his son when some policemen caught me in an attempt to steal a television set which was obviously my father’s operation, it was my mother who bailed me hours later from the police custody. so I grew up knowing hate, segregation, oppression and rejection, but didn’t succumb to it’s calling until I decided to join the new cult at “The Cave”…


  1. Awww. This is not the kind of life anyone should have as a kid. Being exposed to such harsh realities at a tender age.
    Keep the work up ami
    Bring us the continuation soon❤


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