Life has a way of turning things around and placing guilt in the mind of the man who decides to be a judge. I was initiated into the cult called “lati iho kan” translated “from a Cave”, with the intent of being a god father to Seun, I had plans to help him see the streets as it was and teach him the balance of life, but I was wrong, I was the one that got to learn a new way of life
Towards Christmas time and the day the Master turned 17 on December 23rd I was invited for a makeover birthday, as I was made to believe, in his personal crib at The Cave. I was in my final year in the University and things where already falling in favor for me. I lived in a 5 bedroom flat with Lucy and Dave, had my first car, and I had boys who ran the streets selling my narcotics. I had created a little empire for myself, my connection and network had become so strong it affected my relationship with two of my step siblings who were in the army, and Emmanuel my eldest brother who was a police officer wanted to lock me up when he saw Indian hemp in my bag, but found out how powerful I had become, and although he has a grudge against me I feel the opposite towards him. 
My father had five sons (including Amos who had died when we were in the barracks) and two daughters. Our eldest mother had three kids for my father; Emmanuel the first born, Suzan the second and then Timothy the third. I had wondered how she could convince her husband to marry her with all those kids. My father’s second wife had a son James the fourth and a daughter Grace fifth, and then i the seventh and last born. Amos the sixth had died in a car accident when we were still young.
As soon as I reached the Masters home and placed my hands on the door knob, my heart skipped a beat, it wasn’t the amount of cars I had seen outside, because the Cave always had enough visitors daily, I knew something was wrong. Being the hot headed person that I am ignored my instincts and still went in. The setting was not like anything I’d ever seen, red and black curtains flooded the walls, candles were used to replace electric bulbs. The number of people present at the meeting were,

Baba Sukanmi – a well known chief priest 

Asiwaju – Baba Alaye’s former and now the Masters’ adviser

Rambo – the Masters protector one

Doctor – the Masters protector two 

Representatives of the four section of lati iho kan, (1)oke apakan (2) arin apakan (3) apakan kekere and (4) apakan apakan each represented by 4 members.

3 Elders known as, awọn onise ipinnun, and

4 ladies in their early twenties, naked and blind folded. We were 25 in number excluding the 4 ladies who were blindfolded and crying.
I was invited in by two hefty men, i was given a red muffler to place on my neck, and I was ushered in to my designated sit. What happened that day was very barbaric, I had never seen anything like it in my life before. 
The Master said he needed protection from his enemies and he was now going through the process of fortification, and according to Baba Sukanmi, there was no other day more suitable than on his birthday. I sat and watched for hours excruciating activities. I recognized one of the girls, I had given her a lift once and we had exchanged numbers, when we got to talking she had told me she was the bread winner of her family who lived in a village in Kogi state. As she cried and begged for her life, my mind drifted back to Baba Segun’s incident with my father, the trauma is different if it is a familiar face. There was nothing I could do, and when her blind fold was taken off she kept looking around for salvation, and when our eyes locked it became the worst day of my life, she thought I could save her, she tried to run towards me but was pinned down. She didn’t take her eyes off me while she was dismembered and I have lived with that incident my whole life…
To be continued…


  1. 😞😞😞..’the trauma is different if it is a familiar face’. I can’t imagine how I’d live the rest of my life if I had to witness something as gruesome as that.. I know this is fiction but for some reason, It made me sad.

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