“There’s a place called “The Phoenix”, close to ABC (a traveling agency) terminal at Maza Maza, Festac in Lagos state where human bodies were taken to and sold as meat after they’d been drained off their blood. It was also a drug den, a place where my business strived. It was a place of unmentionable atrocities, it is a hidden guest inn off the radar, unknown to the public but popular to those who dealt in ritual activities. It was an underground building that looked abandoned and was like a bungalow from the outside because of its fence , but it was a 2 storied building that was carefully designed to look like a 5 star hotel. This was were I took the life of my first victims.
After the fortification ceremony of the Master on that 23rd day of December, we made a pact not to disclose to anybody living anything that occurs when the 25 of us met behind closed doors; a blood oath. The Master named us his first circle, all 25 of us. The first circle was the eyes, ears, hand and mouth of the Master; the Masters’ weapon. Once an assignment is given, we were to oblige without complaining, “obey before complaining” was our slogan. So to ensure our full commitment, we exposed our loved ones to execution when we fail on a mission or disobeyed any order, and in my case, it was my mother. I will never let anything happen to her, so I never complained or faltered.
 I will never forget the 28th day of December 2010, 5 days after the Masters fortification ceremony, I was at The Phoenix to check up on my boys to see how good business was. I had acquired strong connects so I dealt both cocaine and meth in addition to the hemp I usually sold. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy right? So I decided to have a taste of my market, what seemed like 30 minutes turned out to be 5 good hours. When I noticed the time, I got rid of the leftovers by snorting them out quickly to get a good head start home, and Just as I was about leaving I ran into the Master at the entrance with two young beautiful girls in their early twenties, freshmen of the university of Lagos. They looked innocent, so I tried to rush out of the Inn before I had anything to do with their mishap, because The Phoenix was limited to only members, but it was already too late. The Master didn’t ask what I was doing there, he just dragged me aside and whispered into my ears “I want them to stop breathing” I thought you wanted to have fun with them? “Yes I do, that’s why I’m asking you to make them stop breathing ” in my mind I was like “what if you hadn’t found me here, how would you have done this”.
Not until that day, I had never heard of necrophilia, and to make matters worse this boy was already practicing it for a while. I tried to convince him that moaning is very important in sexual activities, and all he could reply with was “do you want to bury your mother tomorrow?” No I don’t, I replied immediately. “Good, now get to work”. We led both girls into one of the VIP rooms, and as soon as we locked the doors, I pounced on the first girl with a deadly blow to the head and as soon as she landed on the floor, i immediately wrapped my hands around her neck, the Master restrained the other girl as she watched me strangle her friend, the restrained girl started to scream, “mummy… mummy I’m sorry, oh my God, God help me… please I won’t do it again, I’m sorry please forgive me”. As I watched this girl die, I started to feel my conscience leave me, she kept struggling, hitting me, scratching me with her nails and all I anticipated was her last breath. Tears began to roll down my eyes as I felt her struggle reduce and when she gave up the ghost I turned to look at her friend who was now very scared, she started begging me, “please sir what did I do, please my daddy has money, he can give you anything you want, please forgive me, I will do anything you ask me to do…” I couldn’t remember anything from that point, all I could remember was watching her look into my eyes as I strangled her, she had hope that I was going to change my mind, she died with her eyes opened. My stomach turned and I threw up immediately, it was fear of what I had just done.
The Master couldn’t wait any longer, he got naked in a flash, while I watched, he had sex with the two corpse interchangeably. He didn’t want me to destroy the body because this was what he had in mind, that’s why he suggested the strangling. At that moment, I knew I wasn’t dealing with a human being…

To be continued…


  1. Omggg!!!
    This seems like a movie I have watched or had wanted to write about. Wait! So there are people who prefer to have sex with corpses? What’s the enjoyment in that one? Crazy world!
    Very underrated piece! Anticipating the next episode.❤️


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