“please sir what did I do, please my daddy has money, he can give you anything you want, please forgive me, I will do anything you ask me to do…please…” these words haunt me every single day, it was mild at first, until she appeared to me a year later, at this point I began to lose my mind. At the time she wasn’t the only person I had executed, but she was the only one innocent, and since words travel around fast, I got to find out she only escorted her friend to see the friends’ boyfriend who happened to be the Master. She had just sent a text to her roommate about her whereabouts when they arrived at The Phoenix, and although she didn’t make mention of the place, she mentioned who she was with, and every investigation had to come to an end on finding out the true suspect. One police didn’t let it rest, and I was sent to visit him in his home at night. My frustration pushed me to confront the Master about his carelessness and how people had to pay for his foolishness and an attempt on my mothers’ life was how he decided to get me to shut up, but I didn’t shut up, as a matter of fact it was at this point I decided to bring out the monster in me.
“Be careful what you commit to” those are the only words I keep at heart and stick to because it was that of a dying father, my father also told me that commitment can be detrimental only if you allow yourself to be controlled. I took my mother to the barracks to stay with James my elder brother who was in the army, and although we weren’t talking to each other he knew my mother needed protection. Once I got that out of the way I decided to visit the members of the first circle of lati iho kan one by one. They were 23 in number with the exception of me and the Master which made us the 25 high ranking members of the cult. My first victim was Asiwaju the Masters’ adviser…
At this point I would love to define who a serial killer is. A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people, usually In service of abnormal psychological gratification… the victims of a serial killer may have something in common, for example, demographic profile, appearance, gender or race, but in this case members of a cult.
I was deranged, the voice of this particular girl couldn’t let me rest, so I found a way to ease my pain. I kidnapped Asiwaju and took him to an uncompleted building away from town, it was close to Shagamu, far from civilization where no one could find us deep inside the bush and decided to end his life just the way I ended hers, strangling him to death, but this time defiling his arsehole with a rod I heated up with fire by the sharp side before strangling him to symbolize how she was raped afterwards. I would have a peaceful night rest for at most 3 days, and then she’ll return to torture me again until I repeated this ritual on 20 of the members of the first circle of lati iho kan. This continued for a period of eleven (11) months ending with Baba Sukanmi before I was caught, tortured and imprisoned by The Master and his die hard followers who had traced me to where I, Lucy and Dave hid out after every operation. The last two victims, Doctor and Rambo where the Masters protectors I ended before reaching him.
Which brings us back to the beginning. In other to end the reign of a deranged boy I had to be deranged myself, I had to become the killer I dreaded, I had to become worst than the man I condemned all my life, (my father), I had to be the man I judged. No man alive is perfect. Here is a parting advice, Just before you judge a man, go through his life history, and put yourself in his shoes and see how far you would go trying not to be him, only when you do this will you be free to condemn him…

The end….


  1. I love this story ….. it was scary and brutal but also captivating .. once I started I couldn’t stop till I got to the end !!
    Thank you for such a nice read !

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Awesome. Randy Awesome.
    “Just before you judge a man, go through his life history, and put yourself in his shoes and see how far you would go trying not to be him, only when you do this will you be free to condemn him…”
    Am sure this would stick.
    Kudos bro!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Perfect end!
    Now I see why it began the way it did. But I am proud of him. That at least he has a conscience to see the evil in his masters act and the entire gang. He wiped their existence so that people could live in peace and even though in reality, we know he may not make heaven, he saved a lot of people from an early death.
    Nice one

    Liked by 3 people

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