The arrogance comes out when I zone in, being myself, do I have to be selfish? I’m on a trip to self realization, but the plot here seems to be accomplished, I Am, but I’ve been taught to settle for humility mixed with self attainment, so I ask, can I be myself and practice humility? I must confess, I ask myself this questions daily to be sure I know what it truly means to be human, so I decided to settle with self realization first, but then to change a person one has to become one with that person, because only you can change yourself. If you are familiar with the statement “I Am” then you know it means supremacy. When you talk about yourself a lot it is termed selfish, when you talk less of your self we say you have low self esteem. 

I have been out of writing for so long I am starting to believe I can’t write any longer, but here is the reason. I chose self instead of I Am. Let me explain, self is to narcissistically obsess about oneself, but I Am is the realization of who you are and what you decide to do with that information. So I Am ready to go back to doing what’s best for humanity, and that is sharing my experience of absence and passing on information so vital you’ll need an open mind to accept. Thanks for your time and prepare your mind’s for a mind blowing experience. With so much ❤️ 

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