25 years of self search-(search for perfection)

It is a well known fact that growth brings diverse and random ambitious thoughts, focusing on one is what makes maturity certain. The never ending thirst for complete satisfaction is what differentiates man from any other living thing on earth. In search for the perfect satisfying environment man discovered heaven, the rate of injustice in our community and how it is condoned brought hell into the picture, we discovered all this to quench our thirst for justice, but can satisfaction be attained? There is a story about a man who as a boy fought so hard to satisfy his inner mind by trying things he felt he was good at. He first thought he was born to rap because he could see patterns of words linking up and rhyming in his head, so he decided to write them down and kept practicing it within himself until he decided to go public. When he did, people loved his work. He was so good that he became the best in his region, this went on for 5 years, he went on tours, visited a lot of places, met a lot of people, bought all he had wanted for so long, but when he was behind doors he cried, there was a problem, satisfaction was still far from his grip, and then he disappeared one day after a tour, people thought he had died because no one heard from him again until 5 years later when he resurfaced as one of the best writers of his time, he had worked on his writing skills and practiced it within himself until he decided to go public once again, a story he told about a distressed child who found heaven after being through hell literally, became popular and got him the award “best story of the year”, but every time he wrote he felt empty, he was pouring out himself into his writings but it seemed not to fill his thirst for satisfaction, so he stopped writing, again 5 years later he resurfaced as an actor, he had been working indoors on impressions he had created, he kept practicing it within himself until he decided to go public, his impressions were so good that he was nominated for best actor and was given the award. He went on to act for 5 years until he had a meltdown on set while filming a blockbuster movie, his meltdown trended on social media, it was embarrassing, he disappeared for 5 days, while he was in hiding he decided to go through what the critics had to say about his unexpected meltdown on social media, it was painful to read, but for the first time in his life he felt powerful, he felt satisfaction approaching, so he returned on set to finish the movie, but after the movie he still felt empty. It was clear that there were things or rather one thing that he was missing. His new mission was to get people to criticize his every step, so he stopped being polite, he stopped talking to people, and acted carelessly. Well he got what he wanted, criticism, haters and doubters, and then he realized that only when he acted outside of what people would wanted did he feel satisfaction approaching. Although it wasn’t the act he put on that brought him closer to satisfaction, but It was this action that made him realize that self is the number one priority. This realization made him relaxed. All he had to do was be himself, no more pretense, no more trying to please people, all he had to do was focus on himself, so he disappeared for 5 years, indoors as usual but this time he wasn’t practicing, he only allowed nature flow through him until his true skill revealed itself. Finally, he resurfaced as an entrepreneur. 25 years of searching for true satisfaction only made him more empty, It was only when he decided to put his full effort in becoming himself, did he find peace deep within him. At this point he realized what he truly loved, which is bringing smart people together to work for a great course, He owned companies and collaborated with the educational sector to promote self awareness in schools, because he realized 25 years can make a lot of people give up, this was his way of giving back to the community. His name was James Brandy, he died at the age of 80 having achieved his goals.

This is a fiction, anything above that resembles anyone’s story or biography is mere coincidence 

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