Who we are
African and Proud has been created as an attempt to help our youths stay away from heinous crimes by introducing exercises/programs that sources out an individuals skill and talent and puts more effort in promoting our African culture through art and technology. This organization is the bedrock of an attempt to return to basics, return our minds to the culture we left behind. It is no longer news that we are slowly forgetting our culture, it is also true that a lot of youths can’t even speak their dialects, if we continue at this rate, our cultures surely will come to extinction. Most people know that global biodiversity in the early 21st century is experiencing mass extinction. According to some accounts, annual losses of plant and animal species are occurring at 1,000 times or more historic background rates, yet few are aware of a parallel crisis for languages, with predicted extinction rates ranging from 50 to 90% of the world’s 6,900 languages by the end of this century. This is why we have taken it as a burden to preserve most African cultures. African and Proud was created to remind our youths that they have a culture, and that they should focus on bringing it back and enjoying it while it lasts.
Our structure
We operate a Functional Organizational Structure.
This structure, also commonly called a bureaucratic organizational structure, divides our company based on specialty, thereby giving every individual a specific role in the formation of the office and achievement of goals. We have built this company from scratch so we can as well govern it from scratch by equally providing individual specialty so that we can achieve more easily; this is what we also call “the division of labor”
African and Proud is a Private Limited Company (Ltd)
A private limited company is a legal entity in its own right, separate from those who own it, the share holders. Limited liability companies are considered prestigious by other companies and the general public due to its legitimate nature and the way important information is recorded at the Corporate Affairs Commission. The level of transparency is what makes us a PLC, and with this at the back of our mind we have every step calculated, which is important and very beneficial in terms of building public confidence in the company.
Our partners or rather the team members in this organization work together to achieve our goals. Our team is made up of
1. President/founder
2. Vice President/co-founder
3. Secretary/co-founder
4. Marketing director
5. Public relations officer
Our Vision
Our vision is to ensure a safe environment for family and humanity; we know how hard it is to change the world without self assessment, that’s why we came up with the initiative where our youths assess themselves through their culture and an ability to create reasonable art (skills) in order to individually contribute to the change we all anticipate. We believe by taking some of this talented people off the street and implanting in them the ability to improvise using their inbuilt talent that might have been suppressed by environmental circumstances will do the trick in reducing unemployment. We have this and many more in stock for every African youth.

Our mission is to promote as many African cultures as possible to the world using art and technology; obligations are tough sometimes especially when it’s a selfless act considering how imperfect everyone is, but that doesn’t make it un-attainable. Individual contribution is a good start; individual contribution here means your expertise, your zeal and an ability to be consistent. “When we come together as one, there is no stopping us”. Our mission can’t be complete without you. So get ready to show the world all that you know about your culture, because heritage really matters
Our Goal
It is no longer News in every society, incidents relating to drug abuse, rape and domestic violence being the culture adapted by the youths in so many geographical areas due to the lack of governmental interference in the affairs of children now turned adults. Job opportunities keep depreciating, commodities are reducing by the day and our youths are getting more and more excuses to partake in these heinous crimes. Crime is so familiar it is personified, names of insurgent leaders on the lips of every individual, both men and women, boys and girls visitors and immigrants, no one is in the dark on these matters anymore. Mahatma Gandhi once said “be the change you wish to see in the world”. operation be the change you want to see in the world, is our new policy, so starting with you as an individual, a lover of nature, a mother or father that wish to see the best in their kids, the brother who cares about his siblings, or a sister who wishes her younger ones well, a leader in thought and action, a fighter who will always protect his people, a patron who wishes to see the good old days returned, a preacher who cares for his flock, an artist who sees beauty in nature, and a heart so eager to help, you all can make the world a better place; Our goal is to provide job opportunities for our youths by giving them a chance to present to the world their inbuilt skills and valuable information about Africa. We plan to achieve this through I. harnessing a network effect, II. deliver efficient, scalable solutions to inefficient value chains or fragmented service offerings and III. deploy a suite of interconnected products and services to overcome frontier market challenges.
A lot of work has been done following the creation of African and Proud, which is still in progress. We have been able to link our main target social feeds, and our company together, hoping the youths see our efforts. We have decided to begin with focusing on a couple of subject matters that will be very beneficial to our youths in general. Analysis show that over 80% of our youths have low self esteem, and the why is that job opportunities are distinctively low, our real aim is to change this status. With the following programs we would teach our youths how to use their talents to gain wealth. Below are our goals and how we intend to achieve them through objectives.

Goal 1: Branding – Develop Awareness of the African ‘n’ Proud Brand
Objective: Develop consumer awareness of the African ‘n’ Proud brand through advertising, presence on social media and annual video contest to involve the whole of Africa as a continent. Consumers should be asking contractors to obtain products branded with the African and Proud logo and equipments like locally made pots and other traditional fashioned stuff.
1. Online Advertising
2. picture contest
3. Annual Video contest

Performance Measures:
1. Advertising through our Facebook page, Instagram account and twitter.

2. Running a picture contest on the African ‘n’ Proud Facebook page which is linked to the Instagram account to increase followers and subscribers.
3. A video contest will be organized annually to give our subscribers an opportunity to be rewarded and also win trips to specified tourist sites in Africa. These contests will have different themes annually which in all will be done to promote our cultures. This years’ main theme is “Operation Expose your Culture (OEC). With this contest we will be able to cut across Africa and share with each other our cultures, and plus the winner, first and second runner up candidate will be rewarded with cash. For the first year registration fee is $4 equivalent in their local currency per candidate, and we wish to reach millions of candidates around Africa. The reason for this price is to make it affordable to every youth out there, and also to raise the fund to meet up with our target of support fund to provide equipments for our partners (i.e. Local professionals) and also to provide the winning prizes, also we have created a platform to make payment for the registration flexible to our contestants out there despite location and circumstances.

Goal 2: Skill acquisition – Teach skill acquisition to would be Staff to increase Company income
Objective: Develop a larger market by teaching potential Staff how to bring out the hidden passion and skills in themselves and later of our youths by teaching them how to focus on the most important one so they can use it to acquire wealth for themselves and the Company.
1. Using the following syllabi to educate the youths on true skill search.
A. Know yourself/thyself
B. Mirror challenge
C. How to focus
D. Practice
E. Consistency
2. Partner with Professionals in particular skills to lecture our newly found graduates to make our reach larger.
Performance Measures:
1. we have syllabi in place that we will use to educate our students on how to find out their true talent and use it to acquire wealth. Below are the syllabi we intend to use for skill awareness. It is when they are aware of their skills/talent then we can hand them over to the professionals for skill acquisition.

Socrates says, as he did in Phaedrus, that people make themselves appear ridiculous when they are trying to know obscure things before they know themselves. Plato also alluded to the fact that understanding ‘thyself,’ would have a greater yielded factor of understanding the nature of a human being. That is why we have placed this technique as the number one step in the understanding of individual talent/skill, as programs of this caliber is extensively low. It is when you know who you truly are that you can strive to use yourself for the uplifting of others, which is the point of this program in the first place. There are syllabi already in place and tests that are practically effective which we have created to make knowing ones self possible.

According to Lacan, (Lacanianism) the other isn’t so much of a person as a projection onto another person by the ‘ego’, a projection of itself and it’s ideal. The rationale here is that the recognition of a mirror image is indicative of self-awareness. The mirror image is the internal image one has of himself/herself which is later projected to the world. In order to show the world who you truly are, you have to be sure of that yourself. So the next step of the understanding of individual talent/skill is to be aware of who you truly are, this is powerful enough to show you what you truly are good at. We also have syllabi already in place and tests that are practically effective which we have created to making this exercise possible.
There are so many ways to focus, merely visiting YouTube or google, you’ll be surprised at the number of videos and contents out there that teaches one how to focus. One thing they all have in common is that they explain that focusing has to be the choice of the focusee. If one can’t clear his/her head and put in that thing that they wish to acquire, then it will be hard to gain focus. With this step we will teach our youths how to focus on the skill that they might have discovered from within.

You have known yourself, challenged your inner talent out, focused on it and have become a professional in your God given skills, so what next? Teaching; We have created this program in a way that promotes the recycling of knowledge. In order to graduate in skill acquisition, you have to teach it out to the next set of newbies.

Consistency can be defined as conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness. In order to be perfect in your newly acquired skill, you have to be consistent. Consistency is the mother of all success, hence the famous saying “practice makes perfect”. Now after you learn how to focus your energy on your skills and have practiced, the next step is to be consistent. This is how you become a professional. This will be the last step in acquiring your certification.
2. We believe by partnering with professionals we can achieve our goals quicker; Temporary Staff (which include contractors and third party partners) will be in charge of training our permanent Staff on how to go about a particular skill. We will provide these professionals with equipments for the achievement of goals both on their part and for the company.

Goal 3: Industrialization – Setting up partnerships with local experts
Objective: Develop the methodology of expansion to increase our market through partnership with local experts
1. Linking up with local experts
2. Obtaining industrial equipments
3. Promoting locally made products
Performance Measures:
1. After gaining a strong reputation through branding we intend to link up with local experts in the line of fashion so that we can expand both their reach and our zeal to reach a large audience in Africa by producing African and Proud products. We intend to do this because our aim is also to provide Jobs that will help our youths gain wealth.
2. We understand the major problem most of these experts face is having equipments at their disposal due to the immense level of denial when it comes to securing a loan in the country for reasons beyond their capabilities. We intend to use this opportunity to obtain qualitative equipments to increase the level of productivity in our region.

3. In line with the previous strategy we intend to reach out to our local experts who have products that can be mistaken for a foreign one. Experts who only need the right equipments to make production fast and in large numbers. We know cobblers and tailors who we intend to work with to produce solid African made attires and shoes in strong qualities that will change the market, and all they just need is the right equipments to make it factory standard. This will save us a lot of stress in eradicating unemployment

Goal 4: Tourism – Establish a platform to promote tourism in Nigeria by visiting other African nations and learning from their tourist sites.
Objective: Visiting other African countries with successful tourist activities to gain the knowledge of tourism.
1. Promoting our rich cultures by presenting them up close to other nations and also funding annual tourist visits to tourist sites in Africa.
Performance Measures:
1. By visiting other tourist sites around Africa we can discover their little secrets by exposing them to ours. It is only when you know about the richness of your culture and how to present it that you can draw people to study it. With the programs we have set in place for tourism like taking some of the participants of our annual video contests to visit tourist attractions in Africa we will conjure attention to our own culture thereby creating a mutual understanding of cultures. This alone can draw attention, and we intend to use this attention to benefit from each other.

It is worthy to note that every skill acquired perfectly will be automatically used in the promotion and growth of the company. In other words, we will continue to teach these processes till our students become perfect, because they will automatically become the team. Bringing something to the table ensures your means of survival, you will be paid for whatsoever you have that is productive. That is why we don’t choose a talent for you, we leave that to you; our job is to bring it out of you and have you express it to the world.

1. Fashion
2. Pottery
3. ForEx
4. Photography
5. Dancing/Choreography
6. Pastry
7. Comedy and many more

Contacts: Ransome Telli; +2348144511543, Mista Focus +2348133755282, Maxi da billiman; +2349079472584 or visit and like our pages @africannproud on IG and @africannproud360 on Facebook to get more enquiries on how to join the team. Wishing to hear from you.

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